Do you take your home security seriously? Are you just assuming your house is secure because you lock the doors every night? At A1 Lock and Key LLC, we believe that every homeowner should feel safe and secure in their homes and the best way to do that is by taking simple steps to avoid common home security mistakes. Listed below are three of the most common mistakes we see and how you can avoid them.

Top 3 Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

1. Relying on a Hide-A-Key

Generally, we don’t recommend using a hide-a-key at all. Quite frankly, thieves know to look under decorative rocks, the doormat, or other items that are designed to mask hiding a key. We do, however, understand the need for an emergency key, so we recommend leaving a key with a trusted neighbor or friend nearby. While it may be a bit more effort to access your key, it’s worth knowing that potential burglars aren’t using your spare.

2. Leaving the Garage Unlocked

Another vulnerable area in your home is your garage door. Most homeowners think that closing the door at night is enough. However, you should also always make sure your door from the garage to the house is locked, and we also recommend installing an actual lock on your garage door. Additionally, if you park a vehicle outside, make sure you lock it and hide your garage door opener, so thieves aren’t using that as a way to get into your home.

3. Failing to Re-Key

Finally, we often see homeowners who have never re-keyed their homes. They have no idea how many spare keys are floating around from previous owners, copies made and forgotten about, or countless other situations. While it’s not necessary to re-key your home every year, we do recommend doing it when you first move in, and every three years thereafter.

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