Lock Repair & Maintenance Services

When a stubborn lock is giving you fits preventing easy access in and out of your home or business, give A1 Lock and Key LLC a shout. We’ll locate the source of trouble and either fix it or install a new system. Keep your family safe under lock and key by calling us today at (317) 775-0332 or request service now for a mobile lock repair in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Why Your Lock & Key May Not Be Working

We see several issues from user error to malfunctions. Here are some of the more common.

  • User error. First, make sure your door is closed correctly. It seems obvious, but weather changes or warping might affect how your door closes, so check that the bolt lines up correctly with the hole in the door jamb.
  • Dirt. Over the years, locks accumulate dirt that can clog up the interior mechanics of the lock, making it malfunction.
  • Age. If the door and lock have been around for decades or longer, you may need an antique or old door lock repair. We’ll fix it if possible.
  • Lubrication. A lock won’t work correctly if the mechanics don’t have enough lubrication to operate as they should.
  • Broken piece. It’s not unusual for a tail piece on the back of the lock to break. Tail pieces are responsible for actuating the lock mechanism. We can replace these.
  • Incorrect rekeying. Multi-unit apartments and such usually have smart keys because they are easy to rekey for the constant turnover of tenants. However, they are frequently not rekeyed correctly, causing issues for the occupants.

Automotive, Residential & Commercial Services

At A1 Lock and Key, we’re ready to help with all manner of lock and key problems. As such, we offer emergency services around the clock.


We’re received many calls from people in a panic because they’ve lost their darn car keys. We get it. We’ll be out immediately with our mobile locksmith service to cut you a new key.


Don’t stand out in the cold searching for your house key. We’ll make you a new key and a few duplicates for good measure too.


We understand the importance of meeting ADA and HIPPA rules and regulations regarding locks and keys for commercial establishments.

Professional Locksmith Services Available

Why Choose Us

front door lock repair service in Indianapolis
  • Locally owned and operated, delivering fast, consistent service.
  • Quick key duplication. We guarantee our work.
  • 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Arrival within 30 minutes to one hour, tops.
  • We offer a free remote battery and a 10% discount for military and senior citizens.
  • Our superpower is getting you access back to your belongings, your car, your home, your life.

Professional Lock Repair Assistance

Stop the jiggling key dance every time you head out the door. Make that stubborn lock work once again with the lock repair service from A1 Lock and Key LLC. Call (317) 775-0332 or request service now. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers, Lawrence, Whitestown, and Brownsburg.

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