Car Locksmith Services

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve gone out to hike a trail, run errands, or meet up with friends only to get back to your car without your key. Retracing your steps does no good. What to do? Call A1 Lock and Key LLC. We’re here 24/7 for all the locked-out emergencies of life. Call (317) 775-0332 or request service now for our car unlocking service in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

What Can an Auto Locksmith Do?

Glad you asked. We can help with all the following situations that drive you crazy.

  1. I lost my key. With our car key replacement service, we can cut and program a new key for you on the spot. It’s our superhero power, which makes our customers very happy.
  2. I can’t get in my locked glove box. We can, and we’ll fix your problem pronto.
  3. My smart key, key fob, key remote, or key isn’t working. No problem. We offer rekeying, battery replacement, new remotes, or key replacement. We can help with all the following:
    • Create car keys for model years 2000 and newer.
    • Program keys, remotes, key fobs, and smart keys.
    • Unlock car doors.
  4. Something is wrong with my ignition. Most likely the ignition has locked up, and we’ll need to rebuild or replace it.

Professional Locksmith Services Available

Not Just for Cars

Besides autos, many of our customers get locked out of their homes and businesses. Whether you need a locksmith to make house keys, get access to your commercial property, install a new lock, or rekey the lock to keep a crazy ex out, we can help.

Why Choose Us

Indianapolis automotive locksmith
  • Locally owned and operated, delivering fast, consistent service.
  • Quick key duplication. We guarantee our work.
  • 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Arrival within 30 minutes to one hour, tops.
  • We offer a free remote battery and a 10% discount for military and senior citizens.
  • Our superpower is getting you access back to your belongings, your car, your home, your life.

Call A1 Lock and Key Today

We know life happens — that’s why we have a car locksmith business! Let A1 Lock and Key help you get the lock and key part of your life back under control. We’ll unlock your car so you can be on your way any time of the day or night. Call (317) 775-0332 or request service now. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers, Lawrence, Whitestown, and Brownsburg.

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