Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Door Locks

When most people think about spring cleaning, they think about the garage and cluttered closets. Door locks are often forgotten, but it is important to check them periodically for grime and functionality. Continue reading to learn more from the professionals at A1 Lock and Key LLC.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Door Locks

Check Door Screws

Long screws are the best thing you can do to stop the door from sagging. This will also make the door more difficult to break through. For each hinge, three-inch screws are typically sufficient. Another thing to bear in mind is that the long screws should be placed close to the center of the door wall. It is also advised that you inspect the door’s strike plates and confirm that the plate intended for the deadbolt is fastened to the wall structure using long screws.

Lubricate Your Locks

Throughout your spring cleaning, remember one overlooked area – your door locks. Locks accumulate grime with repeated usage. As a result, the lock mechanism may stick since it doesn’t slide smoothly. You should use graphite lubricants because they are ideal for door locks. For this, you can use any other dry lubricant as long as it is simple to apply. Additionally, don’t forget to clean your door locks. You can use a gentle detergent to accomplish this. On your locks, avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners. The use of petroleum can also harm the finish of your door lock.

Fix Sagging Doors

Only a properly-hung door will allow a door lock to operate efficiently. A door that binds or sags might exert significant pressure on the lock’s latch or bolt, ultimately causing the lock to malfunction. On the other hand, a correctly-hung door can extend the life of your locks. Lastly, it is advised that the gap between the door and its frame remain consistent across the door space.

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