Imagine waking up in the morning and finding your car was stolen from your driveway while you slept, or walking out of a store and discovering that your car is not where you left it, and now, you’re stranded at the shopping center. Unfortunately, car theft is an ongoing problem in the United States, and once your car has been stolen, the odds are not in your favor for recovery. That’s why our team at A1 Lock and Key LLC wants to help you avoid car theft altogether with these three tips.

How to Avoid Car Theft

1. Always Shut Your Windows and Lock Your Doors

Always lock your automobile, even when you are inside it. Car-jacking is one type of auto theft, so you shouldn’t let anyone unlock the door when you are stopped. Also, don’t be duped by a desirable neighborhood. Every day, bad guys manage to get into decent neighborhoods. You should roll up the windows and lock the doors whenever you leave your car, even in your own driveway.

2. Remove Important Documents

Most people keep their vehicle’s insurance card and registration in the glove box. Having those papers available if you get pulled over seems practical. However, if someone steals your car, they will also have access to those papers, including those with your address, which only invites them to enter your house! Nowadays, insurance cards are typically accessible via smartphone apps from insurance providers. You can even take a photo of your registration and pull it up when needed.

3. Use a Trusted Locksmith

Finally, do your best to keep track of your keys, and if one goes missing, use a trusted locksmith. An automotive locksmith can change the locks and create and reprogram replacement car keys if a car key is missing and may have been stolen so that the stolen key will no longer function.

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