There are several different reasons why a homeowner might want to change the locks on their home. Many homeowners want the peace of mind of new locks when they move into a new home, while others who have been in their home for a while just want to update their locks. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change the locks on your home, you’ll need to decide whether rekeying the locks or replacing them altogether is right for you. That’s where the expert locksmith team at A1 Lock and Key comes in. Read on to learn which option is the best for you.

Replacing vs. Rekeying Locks

Replacing a Lock

Replacing a lock is pretty self-explanatory; it is when you or a locksmith removes the old locking door hardware and replaces it with new hardware. You’ll have all new locks and all new keys. If your existing locks are old or wearing out, replacing them is a better option than rekeying. Also, if you’re looking to update your locks to a more modern and secure type of lock, replacing is the right choice. However, it’s often more expensive to replace locks than rekey them, so we recommend replacing only when necessary

Rekeying a Lock

Rekeying a lock is a slightly less straightforward option, as a locksmith will alter the lock mechanism so that the old key will no longer work. Homeowners like to choose this option when their locks are in good shape and they are satisfied with the level of security they provide. New homeowners often rekey locks to ensure the previous owners won’t be able to enter the home with an old key. Additionally, if you’ve lost a key to your house, you can rekey the locks to make sure someone doesn’t find your key and use it to gain access.

A1 Lock and Key

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