Is Social Media Putting Your Home at Risk?

The Internet and social media have created a whole new world for family and friends to share their lives. And while it’s fun to let your followers know what is going on in your life, there is definitely a danger of sharing too much information. At A1 Lock and Key LLC, we want you to continue sharing your life’s big moments, but we encourage you to take certain precautions to ensure your home’s safety at the same time.

Could Social Media be Putting Your Home at Risk?

Don’t Share Your Location

Most social media platforms now have a feature that lets you “check in” to popular locations. You can check in to your favorite restaurant and let your followers know what meal you enjoyed, or check in to a new vacation spot and let your followers know you’re out of town. The trouble with the “check in” is that it lets people know where you’re not- at home. If your profile is public, potential thieves will now know that you are not at home, and they may take that opportunity to break into your home. Instead of checking in while you’re still away, snap a picture of your meal and share it later, without the location tag.

Don’t Boast

Another common mistake is sharing too much about exciting, expensive purchases you may have made. It can be fun to show off your expensive goods or appliances like high-end cars or electronics, but again, your followers will now know what your home has to offer. We like to think we can trust friends and family on the Internet, but it’s quite possible you’re tempting burglars with expensive goods they’d like to steal.

Don’t Accept Friend Requests from Strangers

The rule “don’t talk to strangers” applies to the Internet as well. If you plan to share personal details about your life, be careful about who can see it. And, if you really value gaining followers, be very smart about what you share and when so that strangers cannot find your home. Additionally, if you have older children who are on social media, make sure they know to follow these basic rules as well and check in with them often.

Upgrade Your Locks

Finally, after you’ve ensured your Internet security, take the time to ensure your home’s security by upgrading your locks. To get started, contact the trustworthy locksmiths at A1 Lock and Key at (317) 775-0332. We also provide commercial and automotive locksmith services to residents in the Indianapolis area.