Home Security for Kids

As parents, you teach your kids new things every day. Slowly, they learn to take care of themselves as well as their possessions; and one day, they will become independent. As you teach them the basics of self-care and cleaning up after themselves, it’s also important to remember to teach them certain home security basics. At A1 Lock and Key LLC, we know that a good security routine can mean the difference between someone breaking into your house, or moving on to find another victim. So now is the time to start teaching your kids about security, so they can develop strong routines that will benefit them for life.

Child Home Security Basics

1. Learn Emergency Contacts

Even young children should be able to learn how to use a phone and know who to call in case of an emergency. Teach your children how to recognize an emergency situation and make sure they can have access to a phone as well as the phone numbers for the appropriate people. These should include numbers for their parent(s), trusted friends or family members, and the police. Having the numbers all displayed on your fridge is a good way to ensure they can quickly find the number they need and make an emergency call.

2. Learn About Door and Window Locks

Take the time to teach your kids how to lock and unlock a deadbolt, how a lock works, and why you use them. This way, they can begin learning about home security and how locking a door can keep them safe. It’s also a good idea to show them each lock in your home, including front and back doors, garage doors, and windows. Then, reinforce the habit by giving them their own responsibility. For example, have them be in charge of locking their bedroom windows each time you leave the house.

3. Learn About Keys

Finally, once your children understand locks, they need to understand keys. Even if your children are too young to have their own set of keys, they can begin to learn how keys work to unlock doors and the importance of keeping track of your keys. Set a good example by using good habits so you don’t lock yourself out or lose your own keys. Children tend to pick up their parents habits, so be aware of the example you set.

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