Do You Need to Change Locks If Your House Keys Are Lost?

Losing your house keys can be a stressful experience – One that is compounded by the potential threat of a stranger now having access to your home. Hopefully, if your keys are lost, you’ve left a spare with a trusted friend or family member so that you can still enter your home. If not, do not panic and break into your own house. The damage caused will likely be more expensive than calling a professional locksmith. Once inside, you can begin planning your next move. Continue reading to learn more from the team at A1 Lock and Key LLC.

Do You Need to Change Locks if House Keys are Lost?

When Not to Change Locks

You don’t need to change or rekey the locks if you lose your keys when traveling far from home and there is no personal information on your key ring. It is quite unlikely that whoever found the keys would be able to locate your house and break in. Of course, for peace of mind, you could still swap the locks. Just know that it would be next to impossible for someone to find your home with just a key and no further identifying information.

When to Change or Rekey Your Lock

If you misplace your keys not far from your house, that’s a different issue. For instance, if you drop your keys while walking your dog or running in your neighborhood, someone who discovers them may presume they belong to a nearby house and proceed to try many doors until they find the one the key opens. You should have your locks changed or rekeyed if you lose your keys close to your house.

You might easily have a break-in if you lose your keys and anything else that has your name or address on it. For instance, if your purse is stolen or lost and it contains your driver’s license in addition to your keys, the person who finds it will know exactly where you live and will be able to enter your home. In this case, you should immediately have the locks replaced or rekeyed.

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