Do I Need to Replace My Locks?

Most homeowners don’t think of replacing locks as a necessary part of homeownership. After all, if the locks are still functional, why replace them? However, burglaries can happen to anyone, even in the safest of neighborhoods, so taking steps to ensure your family’s safety is a good idea. At A1 Lock and Key LLC, we offer professional and secure locksmith services, and here are three reasons you should use them!

Do I Need to Replace My Locks?

1. You’ve Recently Moved

Moving is a super stressful and busy time. With all the countless things on your to-do list, don’t forget to add changing your locks. Without changing your locks, there is no way to know who has a key to your new home. Did the previous occupants surrender all of their keys? Or did they give one to a relative and never get it back? There is also the possibility that a contractor, real estate agent, or even a construction worker(s) might have a key to your house. The only way to truly know who has a key to your new home is to change the door locks right away.

2. Someone Lost Their Key

With multiple people in a household, it’s not uncommon for someone to eventually misplace their keys. If this happens, it’s important to replace all of the locks since you won’t know who found the keys. Rather than driving yourself crazy wondering if your home is safe, replace the locks and give everyone a new set.

3. The Locks Show Age

Like all things, door locks don’t last forever. Even if they technically still work, if they are starting to show wear and tear, you should really replace them. Because of the moving part inside a lock, they might not be working as efficiently as they should. To ensure the safety of your home, replace your locks if they are starting to wear out, even if they seem to be working.

These are just a few circumstances where changing your locks is recommended; however, the truth is, there is no bad time to change your locks. If you’re ready to replace your locks in the Indianapolis area, contact A1 Lock and Key today at (317) 775-0332 to request service.