While having quality locks installed in your home by a professional locksmith is the best method of home security, another great security measure is a doorbell camera. Not only do they add another line of defense for your house, but they also provide additional benefits. Here are some great reasons to install a doorbell camera from the team at A1 Lock and Key LLC.

Benefits of a Doorbell Camera

Deter Break-Ins

A would-be burglar will be deterred from trying to break in if they realize that you have a doorbell camera installed as they approach your door. Burglars usually target the easiest houses first, so if they notice that your home has this kind of security feature, they are likely to move on to a less difficult target.

Avoid Unwanted Guests

Maybe you’re watching a college football doubleheader on a relaxing Saturday afternoon or preparing supper after a hectic school day, and you just don’t want to be disturbed by strangers. You can efficiently screen your visitors by connecting your Wi-Fi doorbell camera to your smartphone and getting fast alerts when motion is detected or when the doorbell is rung. This can help you ignore visits from strangers while making sure you don’t miss any visits from family or friends, saving you time.

Streamline Deliveries

Have you ever been anticipating a package that never showed up, but the delivery company said you weren’t home when they attempted to deliver it? Any disagreements regarding when the delivery person actually knocked on the door can be resolved with the help of a doorbell camera. A doorbell camera can also be helpful for tracking packages left at your door. For instance, if your camera has remote monitoring capabilities, you can occasionally check the live video feed from your smartphone or other mobile devices to make sure the package has arrived. You can then bring the package inside the house, safely hidden from prying eyes, as soon as you reach home.

Save on Insurance

Insurance companies are now giving homeowners who install smart home security systems discounts. Home insurance companies have recently begun forming relationships with companies that make a variety of security-related smart home devices. Installing a doorbell camera can increase your home’s security while also lowering your insurance costs!

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