4 Holiday Season Home Security Tips

The holiday season is here! Unfortunately, that means burglars know homes are filled with expensive gifts. Aside from having a professional locksmith set you up with the best locks available, there are some other steps you can take. Use these four holiday home security tips from the team at A1 Lock and Key LLC.

Holiday Season Home Security Tips

1. Avoid Announcing Plans on Social Media

You’re naturally enthusiastic about the black-tie Christmas party, but hold off on posting about it on Facebook until you get home. The majority of social media pages are public, and you never know who might be browsing your profile. In that same vein, refrain from responding to RSVPs on Facebook. Instead, give the individuals who invited you a call to let them know whether you plan to go.

2. Always Make it Look Like You’re Home

An empty driveway is likely to give a burglar cause for targeting your home, especially when accompanied by a property that appears to be unoccupied. Ask your neighbors to park their cars in your driveway if you’re going on a holiday vacation, make plans to pay someone to shovel your walk if it snows, cease receiving mail and newspapers, and set your house’s lights on timers to give the impression that you’re home.

3. Avoid Placing Large Item Packaging on the Curb

That brand-new 4K big-screen TV is indeed amazing, but unless you want everyone who drives by your house to know you have a new TV, don’t leave the empty box out for trash pickup. Instead, shred expensive item packaging into smaller pieces and place it in a regular trash bag. It makes no sense to advertise that you have luxury items that criminals would want to get their hands on.

4. Place Tree and Gifts Away from Windows

A large tree sparkling with lights and decorations lets everyone know you’re in the Christmas spirit. You’re proud of your Christmas tree, we get that. However, placing that tree in your front window and surrounding it with pricey presents only provides robbers the opportunity to window shop. At the very least, close your curtains to conceal the view from the outside if you’re planning to set up your tree in your living room.

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