3 Tips to Prevent Locking Children in Cars

As a parent, your life can be pretty hectic. If you’re a working parent with multiple kids who need to be dropped off at multiple places each morning, it’s understandable that you could get a little distracted at times. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming and not at all surprising that some parents end up accidentally locking their kids in the car. If this ever does happen to you, don’t panic, just call your friends at A1 Lock and Key LLC. However, it’s always better to avoid an accident, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you prevent locking your kids in the car.

How to Prevent Locking Kids in Cars

1. Never Leave Your Keys with Your Kids

No matter where you are, your keys need to be kept away from your children. Kids can be very fast and it doesn’t take long for a child to find a set of keys and lock themselves in a car without meaning to. Often they are trying to imitate you by “driving” the car. Always make sure your keys are kept out of reach, and communicate with older children about never playing with car keys while in your vehicle.

2. Carry an Extra Set of Keys

An extra set of keys will save you a lot of hassle in emergency situations. If you do accidentally lock your keys in your car with your children inside, it can be very stressful to try and find a locksmith quickly to get them out. Leave an extra set with a trusted neighbor, or keep them with you in a purse or bag that you never leave home without.

3. Pay Extra Attention When You’re Out of Your Routine

We’ve found that accidental lockouts happen most often when your routine is off track for the day. Maybe you don’t usually take your child to daycare but this day you needed to. When things are out of the ordinary, it can be easy to forget that your child is even in the car, leading you to lock them in. If your routine is somehow different, be sure to take extra precautions such as making sure your child is in view or leaving your purse in the backseat with them so you’ll have to open the back door to retrieve it.

Hopefully, these tips will help prevent any future car lockouts with your children inside. However, if you ever do find yourself in this position, contact our emergency locksmith service day or night at (317) 775-0332. A1 Lock and Key serves Indianapolis and the surrounding areas of Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers, Whitestown, and all nearby communities.