3 Tips to Keep Your Car Safe from Theft

Our vehicles are an important asset. They get us from place to place and keep us safe while traveling the roads. Having your vehicle stolen or broken into is one of the worst feelings in the world. Use these three tips from the team at A1 Lock and Key LLC to help keep your car safe from theft.

3 Tips to Keep Your Car Safe from Theft

1. Shut the Engine Off

Nearly one-third of car thefts happen close to the car owner’s home. Have you ever been running late while leaving for work and forgotten something? It happens to everyone from time to time. It’s important to resist the urge to leave the car running when you return inside the house. Even if you are only leaving the car for a second, lock the doors and turn off the engine. This is the easiest way to ensure someone can’t drive off with your vehicle.

2. Don’t Hide the Spare Key on the Car

Do you know anyone who uses magnetic boxes to conceal extra car keys within wheel wells or elsewhere on their vehicle? We advise against this since a car thief will look everywhere the key could be placed on your vehicle. Realistically, you won’t be climbing under the car to retrieve a key from the frame, so if it’s easy for you to get, it’s easy for anyone else to find. If you must carry a spare car key, keep it on your person in a wallet or purse. An automotive locksmith can change the locks and create and reprogram replacement car keys if a car key is missing and may have been stolen so that the stolen key will no longer function.

3. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Your car’s windows resemble a store’s window display to burglars. Anything that draws unwanted attention to your car is not good. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. It’s possible that the thief will only break into your car and take the item, leaving the vehicle mostly unharmed, but that’s still a loss. And, the criminal is one step closer to simply taking the car after he is already inside. Keeping valuables out of sight gives criminals a reason to keep moving past your vehicle.

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