3 Door Lock Problems You Should Never Ignore

Just like every element of your home, your door locks will have problems from time to time. Most home and business owners have probably encountered some type of problem with a door lock at some point and, for the most part, they’re easy to remedy. However, just because the problems are relatively easy to deal with doesn’t mean you should ignore them or put off fixing them. Procrastinating a call to a local locksmith like A1 Lock and Key LLC can have some very serious consequences. So check out this list below and take stock of the door locks in your home or business.

Lock Problems You Should Never Ignore

1. Loose Locks, Knobs, or Handles

Loosening of the locks, knobs, or handles is a common problem. Door locks have a lot of moving parts with several different components holding them together. So, if one of these components starts to fall apart, it will become loose and not work correctly. We see this type of loosening in locks that are used as the primary entry and exit points of a building. The more they are used, the more the parts will loosen. Unchecked, this problem will make it very easy for someone to dislodge your lock and gain unwelcome access to your home or business.

2. Misaligned Door Locks

As the name suggests, a misaligned lock means that key parts of the locking mechanism are not lined up properly. This problem is common with deadbolts and latches, often resulting from improper installation or warped door frames. If the door lock is misaligned, it becomes difficult to operate the door normally and can leave your home or office exposed. This problem can also lead to broken doors or locks down the road. Therefore, this problem not only lowers your security, it also can lead to costlier repairs in the future.

3. Broken Key in the Lock

This problem is also pretty straightforward. It occurs when your key breaks off in your lock as you are trying to use it. Not only does this leave you locked out, but you also will have a broken key and possibly a broken door lock to deal with. Many are tempted to handle this problem on their own; however, a hasty attempt to remove the broken key piece may damage your lock further. Best to call in the pros.

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